Deep Sea Diver // Dine Me Plate
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Deep Sea Diver // Dine Me Plate


You have ocean eyes, you know, they're deep, dark, and green. They're seductive like the sea. But faithful, steady and pristine. I'm not one to take a dive, Deep, down into the unknown. I don't want to get lost. I might never find my way home. But I'll ease my way into the sea. I'll let the waves lick my soul. I'll breathe in the ocean spray And watch the ocean make me whole.

Dimensions (Height x Width at widest point):: 25x245mm

***This piece is ONE OF A KIND never be seen again. What you see here is the exact item in which you will receive in the mail **

**Since each piece is wheel thrown & glazed by hand you may find slight imperfections. These are part of their individual story. Small imperfections such as fingerprints, superficial cracks & indentations are what makes each item one of a kind. Allowing for evidence of the potters hand to show. The sizes and measurements listed are an approximation.

Each Stoneware piece is fired up to 1300 degrees (ouch), which means everything is super tough & suitable for everyday use. All of my pieces are glazed with lead free, food-safe glazes & Yep! Dishwasher, microwave and oven safe.

All items will be shipped within 5 business days. Purchased items are non-refundable for change of mind. Should you require urgent shipping please email Happy days! Thank you.

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