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WORKSHOP // LOST IN THE WHEEL // 1 Day Wheel Throwing

As you learn more about pottery, you learn more about how to control your hand movements and the clay. You develop confidence and you understand the basic stages of making a pot & the importance of working “right”.

You begin to see the beauty that is enclosed in any vessel, in a rounder motion, in a shape of a circle and spiral, in the material and in a form. And even more so, you learn the art of controlling and surrendering. It teaches you more than you could ever imagine.

This small class of 4 people will focus on teaching you the fundamentals of clay properties & techniques used in wheel throwing & working with mother earth muddy goodness. Projects will range from bowls, mugs & beginner projects. You will also learn some basics of decoration including glazing, various carving & surface texture techniques. 

Date :: 29 April, 2017 10.00am - 2.00pm

Location :: Lismore

Cost :: $190 per person

Teacher :: Lauren


Email to register on the waitlist.